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GHG Protocol by AENOR obtained by Juba

Juba has achieved the AENOR’s GHG Protocol certification, the internationally recognized protocol for the Greenhouse gases emission calculation thanks to the Carbon Footprint Calculator designed by the Bunzl Group in Spain. The GHG Emissions Calculation Tool is not only helping Juba to estimate our activity’s greenhouse gas emissions is not only allowing for measuring Juba’s carbon footprint, it also allows our customers for calculating their own carbon footprint in terms of distribution. Therefore, we are ready to support our customers by providing key data that can boost to streamlining their distribution costs. There are three possible areas of verification: Scope 1: Direct emissions Emissions from fleet of vehicles’ burning fuel. Emissions from refrigeration and air conditioning units. Emissions from industrial processes. Scope 2: indirect emissions from purchased energy Consumption of purchased electricity, steam, heat and cooling. Scope 3: other indirect emissions. Emissions linked to the company’s operations. Emissions relating to the production of fuels and energy consumed. Emissions due to transportation and distribution for logistics suppliers. Waste generated in operations (paper, plastics, metals, etc). Emissions emitted by employees through travel to and from work. Emissions derived from logistics of subcontracted transportation. This is a step forward in Juba’s agenda in favour of sustainability and commitment with environmental respect and care, promoting the control and reduction of our activity’s impact in the Planet.
13 April 2023 Read more

Our FRAGATA windbreaker jacket now with hood

The high-visibility windbreaker jacket FRAGATA HV9910 has been enhanced by incorporating a flip-up cap, rolled around the collar. It has adjustable cord with stopper to fasten the cap to the head, protecting the worker from rain on the most unpleasant days in wind, cold or humidity conditions. This versatile category II garment stands out for its current design and its fleece inner lining to provide extra warmth in outdoor work. It has a Lycra inner cuff and a high neck to block incoming air. The slip-on cap increases the performance of this complete garment for outdoor work requiring a high visibility certified wardrobe. The new Fragata is now available in our warehouse from sizes S to 3XL. Click here for more information.
30 March 2023 Read more

Gold sponsorship renewal with the Ecomar Foundation

We have renewed our GOLD Sponsorship to the Ecomar Foundation chaired by Theresa Zabell, with whom we have been collaborating since 2018. Ecomar is a private public interest entity that aims to bring people, especially children and young people, closer to the marine environment by teaching the ecological and environmental values of the sea. Ecomar has become a benchmark in the cleaning of coasts, being among the first organisations to perform them, and after more than 20 years of continuous collaboration with leading entities that make it possible. The GOLD Sponsorship to which we are attached entails, beyond economic collaboration, the promulgation and practice of Ecomar values giving visibility of our message on different communication platforms, assignment of space at fairs and events, providing material for use in cleaning coasts (gloves and bags), and the organisation of beach clean-ups involving both company personnel and schools, nautical schools and sports centres. This year we will enhance this collaboration by actively engaging in the new and exciting projects that Ecomar will put in place to continue taking care of the seas and oceans, projects that we will share with employees and clients, because we want to remain part of the solution.  
30 March 2023 Read more

Gloves for cleaning weeds

Weeding in the garden is an important and often underestimated task. Weeds are a visual nuisance, but they are also harmful to plant health and the overall appearance of your garden. There are several ways to clean weeds, so we have selected a glove reference for each task depending on the risk. A good way to contain weeds is by using preventive gardening techniques: With herbicide use you should wear chemically protected gloves such as H821, to protect your hands from chemicals. For using hand tools such as hoes to start root plants, the H411IN cowhide leather glove with additional palm reinforcement provides good flexibility and comfort. When using trimmers to cut weeds flush with the floor or lawnmowers for grass, you should protect yourself with the HG270GY glove with padded protection on the palm and knuckle area to dampen shock and absorb vibrations from the machine. In addition, it is important to keep the garden clean and tidy, regularly removing fallen leaves and branches, as this can provide an ideal environment for weed growth.
30 March 2023 Read more

Gardening gloves

23 February 2022 Read more

New 988 Summer pants

Juba launches a new pair of trousers inside the Kasual Range; the new reference 988 SUMMER with a tight fabric is ideal for the next change of seasons and even for the hotter months. The material used for the dressmaking is very breathable what helps to expel sweating. Thanks to its composition with elastane it is very flexible and comfortable. This model is exclusively commercialised in brown colour, a novel colour with a modern style. It is moreover acceptable for the dirtiest environments. Two reflective stripes have been added in the knees for a better night visibility. The elastic in the waist makes an easy adaptation of the body of each user. As usual in Juba workwear’s catalogue, the trouser is available in a wide range of sizes, from S to 3XL, being appropriated for women too. It has two front pockets and one more at the back with a zipper closer.
8 April 2020 Read more

H264 new range Juba Kids

Juba has recently incorporated to its glove’s catalogue and new range “Juba Kids” a model designed for kids specially thought up as an educational toy. These gloves are made in natural latex and have been submitted under a chlorinated treatment to reduce allergy risks. They are cotton flocked in the interior to absorb sweat. The form is anatomical and they are waterproof. The gloves have a number in each finger to facilitate the numeric learning. They are adequate to paint directly with the hands or with paint brush, to collaborate with the care and watering of plants or in a vegetable patch or even help in house works or the cleaning of the pets. Keep learning and having fun with the hands clean! It is commercialized with a header card for the point-of-sale in one size for kids between 4 and 6 years old.
28 February 2020 Read more



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