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Photovoltaic Sector

The photovoltaic sector is booming thanks to a strong trend towards generating increasingly comprehensive and sustainable energy solutions.

Although the photovoltaic effect has been known since the nineteenth century, it was not until the 50s that these panels began to undergo significant development. They were initially used to supply electricity to communication satellites, and are now one of the most recurrent renewable power generating technologies.

Among its major virtues, photovoltaic power stands out for its modular appearance, which allows for constructions ranging from huge ground-installed plants to small roof panels.

The growth of the photovoltaic sector is being recorded both on land and in self-consumption for the domestic and industrial sectors. Such rapid expansion has led to the search for ways to reduce risks in everything involving the commissioning, installation and maintenance of these systems.

The current is very high in photovoltaic applications, hence it is vital to select specific gloves so that workers, and the system itself, are protected from potential hazards. Among the greatest risks to the hands are frequent contact with electrical systems and high temperatures, as well as inclement weather, blows, and the handling of heavy objects, among others.


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