Nylon®/Lycra® shell with ultralite nitrile foam coating on palm and fingers. Nitrile dots on palm.
Seamless Nylon glove with double nitrile coating combinated with water-based PU
Seamless polyester glove full coated of flat nitrile.
HPPE glove mixed with Kevlar® and elastane coating with nitrile foam on palm and anti-impact TPR reinforcements on back.
Glove made of K-rock® cut-resistant fiber, T-touch nitrile coating on the palm and half back and water-repellent split leather on the palm.
Blue nitrile powder free.
Microfinish® nitrile fully coated gauntle with double inner lining.
Disposable nitrile gloves powder free.
K-rock® textile fiber coated of nitrile foam on palm.
Full grain goatskin winter biker glove with reinforced palm and anti-impact protection on the back.
Recycled polyester/cotton coated of latex crinkle with inner lining.
Electrostatic charge dissipating glove made of polyester and carbon fiber with polyurethane coating on palm