New garments “Cotton-Flex"

Inside its FLEX range, Juba proposes for the next spring a jacket and a pair of trousers 97% cotton and 3% elastane. The cotton provides to this garments its exceptional properties:

Breathability: the cotton fabric makes the air flow, absorbs the sweat and allows the skin to breath.
Hypoallergenic fabric: it helps to prevent risk to irritation, stinging and allergies.
Softness: the touch is soft and pleasant.
Durability: clothes made with cotton are very resistant and hard-wearing.

The elastane provides great flexibility and comfort to the worker in order to make any necessary movement.

As the jacket reference 160, as the trousers reference 161, have been designed with a modern pattern. They have some special elastics that make a perfect adaptation between the garment and the body, besides great flexibility. In the jacket we can point out the adjustable cuff and waist. The trousers have some pockets to carry tools during the work hours. Both references are commercialize in a wide range of sizes (From S to 3XL)

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