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Multi-pocket vest.
Parka with polar-fl eece lining.
Seamless poly/cotton glove with latex coating
Dyneema® glove with double nitrile coating. First coating in flat green nitrile and a second coating on palm and fingers...
Dyneema® fibre glove mixed with other synthetic fibres and PU coating
Rough PVC Coral® coated glove with double water-based PU coating sleeve
Dyneema seamless knit glove with cuff. Blue color.
Seamless porous Microfinish® nitrile glove on cotton support
Long-sleeve eye bird polo.
Pique short-sleeve polo.
Padded jacket with detachable sleeves.
Padded parka.
Padded parka 4 in 1. Removable grey Polar Fleece liner.