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Working gloves

In Juba we have more than 400 work gloves to prevent thermal, mechanical, chemical, electrical risks, cutting risks, welding sparks... that a worker can find in his workplace.

To facilitate the search for the most suitable glove we have created a system of filters that you can combine and that can help you narrow your search according to the work environment, the regulations, the coating material or the type of glove.

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There are different ways to find the most suitable glove for your hands.

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Disposable nitrile gloves powder free.


Nylon®/Lycra® shell with ultralite nitrile foam coating on palm and fingers. Nitrile dots on palm.


Seamless nylon glove with double nitrile coating.



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Technical articles

Update EN ISO 374: 2016. Protective gloves against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms.

Juba is introducing new regulation EN ISO 374 for the protection against chemicals products. This is more exigent than the previous one. Below we will try to explain the main changes. The norm EN 374:2016 establish the requirements for gloves focus on the user’s protection against chemicals and micro-organisms. This rule does not establish requirements against mechanical risks. All this gloves are category III. It is divided in following parts: ISO EN 374-1:2016: Terminology and requirements for chemical risks. Based on three test methods: EN 374-2:2014: resistance to penetration. EN 16523-1:2015: permeation by chemical liquids under continuous contact. This regulation update the section 3 from EN374. EN 374-4:2013: Determination of resistance to degradation by chemicals.     Type of gloves Requirement Logo Type A Permeation resistance (En374:2) Time of resistance ≥ 30 minutes for at least 6 chemical substances. Type B Permeation resistance (En374:2) Time of resistance ≥ 30 minutes for at least 3 chemical substances. Type C Permeation resistance (En374:2) Time of resistance ≥ 10 minutes for at least 1 chemical substances. The deterioration test or the physical variation of the glove in contact with the chemical product is a novelty introduced in this regulation. For this, it is used a perforation test and in case this could not be done, a test of weight variation is made. The result should appear in the informative leaflet. Extension of chemicals: Codeletter Chemical CAS Number Class A Methanol 67-56-1 Primary alcohol B Acetone 67-64-1 Ketone C Acetonitrile 75-05-8 Nitrile compund D Dichloromethane 75-09-2 Chlorinated hydrocarbon E Carbon disulphide 75-15-0 Sulphur containing organic compound F Toluene 108-88-3 Aromatic hydrocarbon G Diethylamine 109-89-7 Aminae H Tetrahydrofuran 109-99-9 Heterocyclic and ether compound I Ethyl acetate 141-78-6 Ester J n-Heptane 142-85-5 Satuder hydrocarbon K Sodium hydroxide 40% 1310-73-2 Irorganic base L Sulphuric acid 96% 7664-93-9 Inorganic mineral acid, oxidizing NEW M Nitric acid 65% 7697-37-2 Inorganic mineral acid, oxidizing N Acetic acid 99% 64-19-7 Organic acid O Ammonium hydroxide 25% 1336-21-6 Organic base P Hydrogen peroxide 30% 7722-84-1 Peroxide S Hydrofluoric acid 40% 7664-39-3 Inorganic mineral acid T Formaldehyde 37% 50-00-0 Aldehyde EN ISO 374-5 The gloves offer protection against micro-organisms: bacteria and fungus when EN 374-2:2014 is applied (air leak and water leak) because water tightness is analysed. The gloves that offers protection against virus too, should accomplished ISO 16604: Protection against bacteriophages Phi-X174 transported in blood.
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Technical articles

The use of dielectric gloves

In Spain it is compulsory to let an installation without voltage before doing a work and put the voltage back at end of the work. With this purpose are the dielectric gloves made. They are insulating gloves that protect our hands from the manipulation of electrical installations and works from 500 to 36.000 volts. They are fabricated in accordance to regulations: UNE-EN60903:2005 and glove marking CEI 60903:2002 Juba dielectric gloves are from natural latex and offers good sensibility and ergonomic. We commercialized different classes depending on the maximum voltage needed. In this way, we have clase 00 (500 volts), clase 0 (1000 volts), clase 1 (7500 volts) clase 2 (17.000 volts), clase 3 (26.500 volts) and finally clase 4 (36.000 volts) The model clase00 is the only one to have category A, Z, C (resistant to acids, ozone and very low temperatures), the remaining are category R, C (resistant to acids, oils, ozone and very low temperatures) Dielectric gloves should be used with another leather glove for a mechanical protection. We recommend using dielectrics also with an interior Nomex ® glove with fire-resistant properties, for a better comfort and hygiene. Furthermore they protect from electrical burns and avoid that the external glove remain adhered to the skin. Before using the gloves you have to verify them visually and test the tightness. It is compulsory to check them regularly. Juba commercialized some chests to protect them and a test machine to verify that the glove does not have any defect before the use. For more information about this type of gloves you can click here.
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Technical articles


THE MOST FLEXIBLE PVC GLOVES ON THE MARKET At Juba we continue to innovate to develop new protective gloves that provide additional benefits and advantages to our customers, the result of all this work has led to the launch of the new range PVC FLEX, which offer extra flexibility and comfort, until now never seen in other PVC models.. In addition to being highly flexible, these gloves provide excellent waterproof thanks to their TRIPLE PVC coating that prevents liquids from penetrating the skin. Within this range we can find 4 gloves that offer different protection levels for severalamong uses, among which we can highlight: Chemical, garden and antistatic protection among others. Next, we detail the features of each model where you can see the highlights of each one, in case of interest you can click on its link to download the product sheet: 5681 – Double dipped PVC with CHEMICAL AND COLD PROTECTION   This glove, in addition to offering chemical protection, provides great resistance to cold thanks to its insulating lining inside. It is a very warm, comfortable and light material, which helps to keep the temperature of the hands stable in cold environments down to -10ºC. Its sandy finish offers excellent grip in dry, wet and slippery situations, it is very easy to remove and put on and is very flexible and comfortable just like the rest of the range. Its double PVC coating makes the glove totally waterproof and its length of 30 cm provides extra protection. It is ideal for jobs such as the refining of chemical products or cold rooms among others and is available in sizes 9 and 10.   5657 – Triple dipped PVC with CHEMICAL PROTECTION   The most remarkable thing about this glove is its thermo-sealed sleeve which, together with its chemical protection, is ideal for industrial cleaning, industrial chemical treatment and alcohol handling, among others. Its length of 65 cm offers great protection and waterproof in those jobs where it is necessary to cover that part of the body. It has a rough finish that helps to handle slippery or wet objects. Its triple dipped offers a total waterproof and its seamless inner lining makes it a very comfortable glove thanks also to its ergonomic design. This model is sold from size 7 to 10.   5683 – Triple dipped PVC with CHEMICAL AND ANTISTATIC PROTECTION   This chemical protection glove is also certified under the glove standard with antistatic properties, making it an ideal glove for work in ATEX classified areas or where it is necessary to handle chemical products capable of igniting due to sparks caused by static electricity, among others. Made with a seamless cotton lining that helps absorb sweat, it is totally waterproof thanks to its triple sandy PVC coating, providing excellent grip on any type of surface. It is a very complete model also providing resistance to contact heat of 100ºC for 15 seconds. Its length of 30 cm provides greater protection and has a great resistance to abrasion so it is very durable. Available in sizes from 8 to 11.   H5654 – SPECIAL FOR IRRIGATION   This sandy PVC coated cotton glove is an ideal waterproof glove for irrigation, which we have also included it in our new Juba Garden range. This model is included in our retail collection as it is available with cardboard for point of sale and manufactured with a length of 30 cm to offer greater protection. As we have already mentioned, this model, like the rest of the range, is super flexible and very comfortable, so it can be used for prolonged use. Its sandy finish on the hand offers a good grip and the inner cotton helps absorb sweat. This model is sold in sizes 7, 8, 9 and 10.
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