Working gloves for all gardening tasks and horticultural works. They protect from cuts whenever you use machinery (mechanical saw, pruning scissors…), from pricks while doing the pruning, from chemical risks when applying phytosanitary products, changing the oil of your work tools or the chlorine of the pools. They are made even to avoid the burns when using your barbeque.

Trabajos húmedos
  • Construction.
  • Maintenance and assembly.
  • General purpose.
  • Repair shops.
  • Automotive.
  • General assembly.
  • Precise operations and small parts handling.
  • Farming.
  • DIY.
  • Wood manufacturers.
Trabajos ligeros
  • General gardening work.
  • Planting.
  • Urban garden.
  • Construction and masonry.
  • Public and cleaning services.
  • Farm and garden work.
  • Rose bushes, weed picking, hawthorn pruning.
  • Work on roses.
  • Weed collection.
  • Hawthorn pruning
Trabajos de precisión
Bricolaje / Madera
  • Installation of pergolas or decorative wooden garden items. Small masonry jobs Abrasive work that must be done manually
Resistencia al corte
  • Chainsaw sharpening. Pruning shears and pruning saws.
  • Fence handling Installation of props for plants in the garden.
  • Handling of chemical products (phytosanitary treatments) and universal solvent.
  • Cleaning of swimming pools
  • Unblocking of access chambers.
  • Handling of tins containing chemical substances for swimming pools.
  • Water analysis.
  • Phytosanitary treatment (herbicides, fertilisers).
  • Maintenance of agricultural and garden machinery
  • Harvesting of fruit and vegetables
Poda y trabajos intensivos / desbroce
  • Planting, digging and hoeing.
  • Professional pruning.
  • Timber harvesting.
  • Care of large plants, maintenance of green areas, etc.
Poda y trabajos intensivos / desbroce
  • Cutting and handling of wood.
  • Working with tools.
  • Collecting leaves.
Poda y trabajos intensivos / desbroce
  • Intensive pruning.
  • Land clearing, replanting, pruning of hedges and large plants or trees.
  • Vibrations. Machinery
  • Maintenance.
  • Electrical industry, cable management.
  • Wood industry.
  • Agriculture.
  • Logistics and warehouses.
  • Handling jobs using chainsaws.
  • Forestry and environmental conservation jobs.
  • Collaborate in the care of the garden and orchard with adults.
  • Gloves designed to have fun in contact with nature.
  • Painting and drawing with hands and brushes.
  • Collaborate with the gardening
  • keep the hands clean
  • collaborate with the housework: washing your pet, cleaning…
  • Utensils handling for barbecue, coal, grill and oven.
  • Works requiring additional thermal protection.
  • Cleaning tasks.
  • Construction.
  • Wood industry.
  • Household chores, etc.
  • Inner hood with zip. Thermo-sealed seams. Dorsal and armpit ventilations. Inner elastic cuffs. Front zipper and adjustable cord. Trousers with open pockets and elastic waist.
Uses and solutions