Chemical resistant glove that covers until de upper part of the elbow

Juba has recently incorporated to its glove catalogue the new chemical glove 822 LAUREL PLUS for a wide range of applications. It is characterised for a great resistance to chemical products and an extra length of 50 centimetres.

The glove is made of granulated nitrile over a cotton interlock liner that provides good perspiration absorption. The nitrile coating on palm and back offers a solid grip on dry, wet and oily environments with risk of contact with chemical products, and offers an excellent resistance to abrasion. It has an ergonomic design that adapts perfectly to the hand and minimises user fatigue.

Furthermore, it is certified with the EN407 standard for gloves against thermal risks, obtaining a heat resistant rating of 1 which guarantees the glove is capable to resist at least 100 degrees for 15 seconds.

It is SUITABLE for ALIMENTARY USE for all aqueous, alcoholic, acidic and dairy products even for oily foods with a x/2 reduction factor.

There are a wide range of applications where this glove would be ideal like the fishing industry, cleaning and food industry, industries with chemical processes, pumping applications, sanitation and clean water supplies, refineries and industrial kitchens.

It is sold in sizes ranging from 7 to 10, individually packaged and has a 1mm thickness.

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