Leather offers suitable protection against sharp or hot objects, sparks and for all types of general work. Gloves made of any type of leather will be long-lasting, provide dexterity and can be used to hold hot objects. Many industries prefer them because they are more comfortable that synthetic gloves.

Types of Leather

  • Cowhide: The thinnest and most flexible. Comfortable, long-lasting and good resistance to abrasion, cuts, rips and perforation.
  • Pigskin: Better ventilation than other leather types, limited resistance to abrasion, cuts and rips.
  • Goatskin: The toughest leather, appropriate for uses requiring a more natural touch.
  • Lambskin: Very soft, excellent natural touch, very low resistance.
  • Buffalo-hide: The same properties as cowhide but greater cut or perforation resistance. Drier touch

Leather cuts

  • Top grain: Long lasting and good dexterity. Provides a more natural touch and does not rip
  • Suede: The roughest part of leather. Excellent cut and temperature resistance. Depending on the thickness, its natural touch is limited. Greater porosity in wet environments.

Leather cuts

Leather parts

We can distinguish three different parts:
  • Shoulder: Cheaper than belly, longer fibres.
  • Back: Central part of leather. The most select area.
  • Belly: Not as stronger as the back. Uneven thickness.

Leather parts

Classification and quality

This criteria is determined by 4 factors:
  • Thickness: This is measured in millimetres and affects quality.
  • Visual inspection: Search for scratches, wrinkles, surface damage, fire marks, scars, etc. that affect quality.
  • Origin: Depending on its size and origin, leather is suitable for different uses.
  • Part of a leather hide: Quality will vary depending on the chosen part of the leather hide (back, shoulder or belly).
  • The price and quality of the leather will be determined by these four factors. All in all, each piece of leather is different even if it has the same origin, size or selection. As a consequence, regularity is the basic factor that users should consider in accordance with their criteria for comfort, duration and profitability.

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